Why should a business consider changing their water supplier?

The simple answer is, “you could save money.” However, whilst cost is probably the most important factor to consider, it isn’t the only factor. The level of service on offer should also play a big part in forming the decision of which water provider to choose. Many providers offer extremely low prices but then fall down significantly when it comes to the service on offer. It is important to gain the right balance between low prices and support which suits your business. 

What are the differences that separate one water supplier from another?

As with any other supply, the main differentiators between suppliers which will impact customers are cost and service levels and it is very important that businesses choose a supplier which offers the right balance between the two.

Of course, price is going to play a primary role in forming the decision of which supplier to choose. It is important however, that business owners consider the capabilities of the supplier to appropriately support their business. Many suppliers will offer extremely low prices but are unable to provide the level of service required for many businesses.

Other than your monthly bill, all being well, you shouldn’t require a great deal of communication with your water supplier but it is important to know that, should you require their assistance, you can get in touch with them quickly and that they possess sufficient capabilities to handle your question in a timely and efficient manner. Nobody wants to be stuck on the phone for long periods of time listening to a machine, so do a bit of homework and find out which companies are good to deal with on a personal level.

Many businesses have special requirements so it is important to gain a full understanding of how the supplier can meet the needs of your business. For example, many businesses have multiple sites which need to be accurately grouped when it comes to billing. In these instances it is important that the supplier is flexible in terms of its billing formats and will provide regular meter reads to ensure accurate billing which is easily accessible via an online customer portal.

If you're not a Clear Business water customer, and are considering switching water supplier, give us a call and we will provide you with more information on potential savings and our service offering.

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