Run a business from your smartphone. Yes, really!

Honestly, it’s not as silly as it sounds. Gone are the prejudices of pulling your phone out in a meeting and being criticised for using your phone. Think about it, how many business meetings/scenarios have you been privy to lately where someone hasn’t pulled out their smartphone or iPad to take notes or to search something online?

Thanks to the wonders of technology, small businesses are taking advantage of the power of mobile. Essentially allowing owners the ability to move away from their desks and workstations etc. This gives them freedom; having the ability to keep in touch with staff and clients from anywhere with an internet connection. If you think that your mobile or tablet isn’t meant as a business tool, think again.

There’s an app for pretty much everything nowadays so we’ve compiled some apps which we think will help SMEs run their business on the go, here’s the round up…

Notes on the go

This is a fantastic note-taking and bookmarking application that works with nearly every computer, phone or mobile device out there. You can capture any business memos and notes when you’re out and about and share between lots of users.

Cheap/free calls

Skype: Free calls, in fact free international calls to other skype users. This app is brilliant if you’re doing business while abroad or with international customers/suppliers.  Meetings from a coffee shop stop, saves on the air miles and jetlag that’s for sure.

File storage

Dropbox: This ever-popular file storage solution allows you and your employees to access your documents from your smartphone as well as tablet and desktop.  And it syncs across all of your devices too, win, win!

Accounts management

Quickbooks: Cloud accounting for business solution Quickbooks is used by over a million customers worldwide already. Your financial tasks can be accessed on the go and you can also create invoices and estimates.

Social media

HootSuite: Keep on top of your social media accounts on the go, schedule tweets and share your company news. It’s also handy for keeping up to date with industry influencers you might happen to follow.


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