How to save money on your water bill

Did you know in the UK, the average person uses about 150 litres of water each day? Yes ok, some of those litres may be factoring in usage at home, however being water wise at work is just as important.  Regardless of how many employees there are in your business, it’s not hard to disagree that 150 litres per person is a lot of water, of which a lot of that could potentially be wasted.

Thankfully there are a few ways you can reduce your water bill. Depending on where you’re planning on cutting some costs then there are a range of areas where you can try to pull back on some expenditure. Here are our top tips on cutting costs on water bills:

Get a meter installed

If you don’t already have a meter, you considering having one installed. Switching to a water meter is free and could not only save you money year on year, it can be great benefit to the environment so it’s well worth investigating.

Fit spray taps on the sinks

Fitting these taps is easy and can really reduce your water use. Failing that if it’s not an option, mend any dripping taps and ensure you know where your stopcock is in case of a water leak from a burst pipe.

Don’t overfill the kettle

Brew runs are important, borderline necessary in the workplace. But be conscious of how much water you need to use when boiling the kettle. (It’ll save on energy as well).

Use a dishwasher

If your business has a communal kitchen area, consider using, or getting, a dishwasher. Filling the sink can actually use and waste more water than a dishwasher 

Hairdressers, turn down your temperature

Turning the temperature control down a centigrade or two on your shower head can help you save energy and switching off the water in between rinses can conserve water too. 

Do you have any more water saving tips? We want to hear them, tell us @ClearBusinessUK

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