Water industry


The introduction of competition to the water industry is intended to drive innovation in the industry whilst improving service and reducing costs for the customer. 

Retailers will compete for custom based on price and service, enabling businesses to choose the supplier which best meets their requirements.

Low water costs

With retailers competing for custom, businesses should benefit from lower water prices as a result. In addition to the lower prices, improvements in service and advice proved customers can be expected as retailers seek to add value to their service offering. Scotland has witnessed huge improvements in water efficiency since market deregulation, subsequently reducing water usage and spend.

A better, more tailored service

As retailers compete to win customers, one of the ways they look to differentiate themselves from their competition is by offering high levels of service.

Previously, businesses with sites in different regions in England would be billed separately for each site by the water company which covers each region. Now, with businesses able to choose their water supplier, they can bring all of their sites under the same supplier on the same bill, reducing paperwork and admin costs.



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