We are confident that our prices for business water will save businesses money on their water bills. It's the same water, just a different price!

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We provide our customers with the lowest possible price for their water services.

Through years of experience providing water services to businesses, we feel that we know what our customers need and how best to serve them.  


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The introduction of competition in the water industry affects all businesses.

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Water newsHow the introduction of competition has improved the Scottish water industry

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We supply essential services to businesses across the UK and when it comes to business water, we like to think we know what we’re talking about.

We know it can be a tricky choice choosing which water supplier to change to, that’s why we like to try and make the decision to switch as easy as possible.

We help businesses reduce their water costs by providing customers with significantly discounted prices alongside superb, in-house customer service. And we think the fact we’ve already grown to become Scotland’s second largest water supplier shows we’re doing a pretty good job.

Who can switch water suppliers?

Back in 2008 Scotland became the first country in Europe to deregulate its water market, allowing non-domestic property owners the choice as to which company supplies their commercial water and waste services. So put simply, all Scottish business water customers.


From April 1st 2017 over 1.2 million eligible businesses and other non-household customers in England will be able to choose the company who supplies their water and wastewater retail services. Click here to read more. 

Why switch water suppliers?

In a nutshell, you have the opportunity to get the same water but with better service and at a better price. We can’t speak for other providers but our way of doing things is to provide our customers with the lowest possible price for their water services allowing them to get the maximum benefit from switching. 

From competitive tariffs on water and waste services to advice on reducing usage and increasing efficiency with think Clear Business offers the best package available in the market. With Clear Business you’ll save water and money. 



Water is supplied by Clear Business Water Ltd, a licensed provider of water and waste services in Scotland, on behalf of Clear Business.

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