Chris Murray was just 22 years old when he sadly passed away due to cardiac arrest in July 2017. Shaun McHugh, part of the Water Operations Team for Clear Business, was part of his close group of friends since high school. As described below in local Glasgow magazine Hoolit (June edition, p27), Chris had always had a rare heart condition, cardiomyopathy, and wore heart monitors. One day whilst at work his heart stopped and tragically there was nothing more than could be done for him.

Shaun and more than 30 of Chris’ closest friends and family wanted to mark the anniversary of his passing by doing something worthwhile, so committed to the British Heart Foundation Glasgow to Edinburgh trek. Covering an impressive 100km continuously through the day and night, amounting to 145,000 steps, the group of friends walked further than they ever had before all to raise money in honour of Chris and to support the vital work of the British Heart Foundation.

The British Heart Foundation ‘fund research to keep hearts beating and blood flowing’, focussing on beating the world’s biggest killers by researching all heart and circulatory diseases and their causes. Just £24 pays for two hours of research by an early career scientist, and Team Chris set themselves a target of £5000.

This year’s good weather continued to prevail during the weekend of 21st-22nd July as the group set off, from the Glasgow Science Centre, through the city and along the canal to the Falkirk wheel before continuing to Edinburgh. As relatively inexperienced trekkers, the first stop at 20km came as a welcome break as with all other breaks that came at roughly 10km interludes. The toughest times came during the night, as they walked through the pitch black. They relied on each other to get through. Luckily, they had Chris’s family with them the whole way in their cars, providing moral support and greatly received sandwiches.

Though tough, the group really enjoyed the trek explains Shaun:
‘It was definitely an experience, we all wanted to do something to show our love for Chris. The fact that it was for Chris and for a great cause really helped keep us motivated. A few of us would like to do it again next year.’

More than that, Team Chris achieved 303% of their target raising a huge £15,181! Clear Business were proud to contribute to this and we are extremely proud to have Shaun as part of our team.

Chris’ family also recently organised a race night which raised £6,500 and are now working hard to have defibrillators (AEDs) up and running in their local community. These vital pieces of equipment can be life savers and if available can make a huge difference.

If you’d like to support Team Chris then please visit or donate directly to the British Heart Foundation