The best things in life are… green.

Electricity from Clear Business has gone green. With an increase of renewable sources of over 70%, our electricity is now generated from 100%** renewable energy sources. (This makes our electricity green and clean).

Research from USwitch shows that 1 in 4 people think that green tariffs are more expensive. Here at Clear Business we want to help dispel that myth by giving green and clean energy to our valued customers at no extra cost.

This move comes as part of our dedication to sustainability and the protection of our environment – and it also allows us to give back to our customers. Our latest published fuel mix disclosure is already above the national average, with 29.4% of our electricity coming from renewable sources but we wanted to do better than this.

Why go green?

It’s simple, by using green electricity your business will be reducing its carbon footprint – doing your part to protect the planet. Based on the average consumption, a Clear Business customer will save 4.57 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere by switching to green electricity every year. This is the same as planting 2285 trees every year.***

As a business powered by green electricity (and with your certificate to display this), your reputation as a sustainable company will improve and may even encourage more customers.

What do I need to do to go green?

If you’re already a Clear Business customer, you don’t need to do a thing. As of 1st September 2018, all electricity supplied to your business will be automatically switched to green.*

If you’re not yet a Clear Business customer and like the idea of going green, get in touch today on 0330 159 9108 or visit to make the switch.

* This applies to all customers (excluding SSE customers) from 1st September 2018. Customers supplied by SSE will be able to go green at the point of renewal.>
** Clear Business reserves the right to change its fuel mix at any time>
*** Based on an annual average consumption of 13,000 kWh, calculated using and Forestry Commission report$FILE/6_planting_more_trees.pdf