The routine of a small business owner has changed. From being in and out of the office to spending time with their loved ones or even working from home, Clear Business understands that as an everyday business owner you’re a person on the go who carry out your business responsibilities whilst outside the office space. 

Clear Business is launching a brand-new Mobile offer on 2nd July 2019 to meet your needs! Our Clear Business Mobiles are exclusively available to existing customers and come with all of the benefits below:

Unlimited texts and calls

Want to have more savings with Clear Business? Now, all our Mobile contracts come with unlimited texts and calls as standard1. With our Mobile offer you can keep in touch with your customers, staff and suppliers whilst being on the move.

Flexibility on paying for your handset

Make your cashflow management effective! Our new handset payment plans have been created to give you flexible options that suits your business.

Here are your choices:

  • You can spread the cost of your new handset across your Mobile contract length
  • You can pay an upfront cost then pay the remainder in monthly payments
  • You can pay for the handset upfront and benefit from a 10% discount

Reliable network coverage

Clear Business uses one of the best Mobile networks in the country. You can test this on our Coverage Checker to see how robust our network coverage is in different parts of the country.

Keep your existing number

Looking to take our Mobile offering but not sure how to keep your existing number? We can port across your existing number! Just ask your current provider for a PAC and we’ll sort out everything for you.

Use call divert from your Clear Business landline to your Mobile

You can use our call divert feature to divert calls from your Fixed Line to your Mobile. Whether you’re on the go or in the office, our call divert feature2 helps you to never miss a call again.

Add another service onto your One Bill solution

If you move another service to Clear Business you’ll have one less provider to deal with – and one less bill to manage – giving you more time to focus on your business.

One point of contact 

It’s not just about saving money, it’s also about saving time! When you have more than one service with us, you’ll have the One Bill solution and one point of contact for your services. Should you need to speak to us, our customer service team is available to help Monday-Friday 9am-6pm. For any queries outside of these hours, you can submit them online on your Customer Zone.

If you want to find out more about Clear Business Mobile and see our varied range of handsets click here to visit our product page. Or, if you’d like to speak to one of our friendly advisors about switching to Clear Business Mobile call us today on 0333 014 3131.

1Restricted to a maximum of 99 distinct numbers, beyond this usage will be charged at the applicable out of bundle cost. 
2 Monthly charge of £2.99 for call diversion.  Call charges for diverted calls at the applicable out of bundle cost