Are you the type of person who dreads receiving your energy bill for your business every month?
There are any number of reasons why your energy bills may be very high or higher than you were expecting but here are some likely culprits.

• You are on an expensive tariff

• You’ve moved from estimated billing to accurate billing

• Your business premises are not energy efficient and you’re using more energy than you need to

• Your meter isn’t working correctly (this one is rare but can happen!)

Business costs can be a major worry for business owners. Some costs are avoidable, but for those services completely necessary to run your business day to day, it is important that you choose a provider that is not only reliable, but also reasonably priced.

This is something which has been covered in the media over the last couple of months with the hike in prices from companies like EDF Energy and SSE being a regular occurrence. According to House of Lords peer Matt Ridley, the UK needs a shift in energy policy to prioritise cheaper bills rather than reducing emissions. The energy trade body Energy UK, also suggest that the UK Government must address decarbonising heat “urgently” as it has not yet been tackled effectively.
Energy UK have set out the industry’s vision and provided recommendations that government should consider as a minimum necessary to set the country on track to deliver its fifth carbon budget.
It identifies heat as the biggest challenge for decarbonisation at a large scale and one that needs “clear direction” from the government.
Lord peer Ridley reportedly backed the findings of an Economic Affairs Committee (EAC) report from February and said he hopes the government will change its direction.
Speaking to Journal Energy, Lord Ridley said:

“As the House of Lords report observed, the system cost of keeping the grid going with a high level of unreliable/renewable energy is high. Indeed, some analysts have suggested that these costs are so high that even if wind turbines were free to install, the system costs would mean that their electricity would still be more expensive than electricity from gas turbines.”

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