Install thermostats
Installing a thermostat to monitor temperature in a room, office, shop floor or workshop that previously didn’t have one could reduce your gas or electricity bill and carbon footprint.

Don’t leave apparatus on standby
If your business uses a lot of screens why not ask staff to switch off their PC at the end of each day? A simple way to reduce your business energy payments.

Unplug unused chargers
This is a really easy way of reducing the price of your energy bills. If you’re not using a phone or laptop charger, unplug it. The amount of energy used does depends on the charger, but if left plugged in the cost will add up.

Leave radiators open, remember to bleed them
Don’t put desks or furniture in front of radiators, they’ll absorb heat and make your radiators less efficient at heating areas.

Plug up any drafts
Seal any holes or cracks in door and window frames. This will help save money on your energy bill as your office won’t be cooling down as quickly thanks to the cold outside air. And with doors in mind, it’s worthwhile mentioning that you only need to heat rooms that you are using.

Put foil behind your radiators
It may sound like a silly idea, but a frugal way of saving energy is by putting a sheet of foil behind your radiators. It will help reflect the heat back into your business, making your radiator more efficient as less heat is lost through the wall.

Insulate your business
This is a big energy saving tip – If you have a small office, loft insulation can be a minimal cost and will be returned in the savings on your bill. It’s worth doing a bit of market research too as there are schemes on the market that offer to insulate your business for free.

Energy saving light bulbs
It may seem like an expensive cost upfront but switching to energy saving light bulbs could dramatically reduce your electricity costs per annum.

Use modern energy efficient appliances
Modern appliances are much more energy efficient than those that were made years ago. If your fridge, dishwasher or microwave are old, it may be worth considering replacing them.