As the UK gets back to business, we’re working hard to grow our team and provide an even greater level of support to our partners. Working together we can offer fantastic deals on essential services to help the UK’s small businesses bounce back in style!

We caught up with one of our newest recruits, Partner Sales Manager, Adam Stableford, to give us a little insight into his life and his time so far with Clear Business.

Adam began his career with Crown Energy where he spent nine years across two spells as a member of the sales team.

Having joined us at Clear Business in March 2021, Adam is already a huge asset to our team.

Adam is working closely with Clear Business partners, helping them through the onboarding process, managing relationships and helping each partner to maximise the opportunities they have while they work with us. He’s a key point of contact for many of our partners.

He told us: “I enjoy working with our partners because it’s like having an extended group of colleagues. It sounds a bit cliché to say it, but we’re like one big family working towards a single goal.”

Despite only having been with Clear Business for a few months, Adam is already building lasting relationships with our partners that he plans to develop over the long term.

“I’m looking forward to developing those relationships in the future,” he said. “It’s fantastic to work with such a broad range of different partners across a wide range of products. We work at a really fast pace, and I feel our partners appreciate that.”

When he’s not offering expert advice to partners, Adam is spending time with his six-year-old daughter and his fiancée. He’s also an avid DJ and we already have him booked for our company Christmas party!

We couldn’t let Adam go without first asking his secret to success within the industry: “First of all is the standard of treat others as you wish to be treated in any situation but also be transparent and open with both colleagues and partners.”

We’re so pleased to have Adam on our team and we’re already excited for the value he can add for Clear Business partners.

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