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Phone Lines but not as you know them. Same calls, same number, lower cost.

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Why pay more for your Business Phone Lines?

Clear Business doesn’t believe in charging you over the odds for your essential services. With us you get the same Phone Lines as you’re on now, for less. That’s Clear Business.

Clear Business GUARANTEES to give you the lowest prices for your Phone Lines service.

Switch to us and we guarantee that we will BEAT any prices that you see or are offered by any other provider – at any time during your contract!1

Plus try our 30-day trial

We are so confident that you’ll love our service we offer all our customers a 30-day trial.2

Worried about the cost of leaving your current supplier?

We’ll pay up to a maximum of £200 into your bank account if you’re invoiced for an Early Termination Charge (ETC) you might face from your current provider.3

Know your rights

Remember, your supplier can only charge an ETC if your contract says so and you were told about it when you agreed to take the service.

Same Phone Lines at a lower cost with better customer service.

Thanks to our strong relationships with Openreach, Clear Business can offer you the same Phone Lines as you are using now – just at a lower cost. This means there’ll be minimal disruption to your business when you switch and you can even keep the same number.

Our team of experienced advisors will be your main point of contact for any queries, so you’ll also be getting better Customer Service with your Phone Lines. What are you waiting for?

Little Growbags signed up to Fixed Line and Broadband in 2009. Since then, thanks to their great experience, they’ve added Mobile, Water and Green Electricity

“It’s nice to speak to someone in the UK who knows you and your business”

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    The legal stuff.

    1 If you’re offered a better deal at any time within your contract with Clear Business, just send us the full details by email to and we’ll BEAT that price or allow you to cancel without charge. You’ll just need to pay for the services provided during your time with us. Applies to line rental, UK call services, excludes broadband and fibre. Competitor’s offer must include prices for all call types, any applicable call set up or minimum call charges, line rental and all other services and must be for business services in the UK.

    2 If you choose to leave Clear Business during the first 30 days of service, you will be required to pay for the charges incurred during the period we supplied you and any equipment you fail to return. There is no charge for ending the contract early. Excludes Fibre products and the line on which Fibre is supplied.

    3 Applies to Landline and Broadband customers only. There is a maximum of one payment to the bank account, details of which we hold for you, of up to £200 in total per customer. To qualify for this offer, you must send Clear Business a copy of the invoice from your previous supplier that shows the value of the ETC and the date of the invoice, which must be after the date on which Clear Business placed an order to transfer your services to Clear Business. Clear Business may require a copy of your existing contract to validate you are being correctly charged an ETC. If the contract between you and Clear Business is terminated as described in clause 13.3 of your terms and conditions, you must repay all ETC amounts in full. The amount we will pay is the lower of (1) your ETC and (2) £200.