The Hidden Dungeon

The Hidden Dungeon, an eBay treasure trove of vintage comics and rare books, heroically insured through Clear Business.

"Clear Business went out of their way to help me and found the perfect policy. It’s affordable and covers everything I wanted to cover."
Simon James Anderson Owner of The Hidden Dungeon

A hero's tale: The insurance journey of The Hidden Dungeon

Nestled in the world of eBay, The Hidden Dungeon is a treasure trove of vintage comics and rare books guided by the passion and expertise of Simon James Anderson.

Operating for around four years, Simon's store boasts an eclectic collection, from books dating back to the 1860s (including a 1933 Jane Austen original) to vintage and collectable comics.

The Hidden Dungeon is a veritable paradise for lovers of rare and niche literature, with items ranging from affordable finds to highly sought-after pieces.

The challenge

Despite The Hidden Dungeon’s success, insuring such a unique business proved a challenge. The specific nature of selling second-hand comics and rare books on eBay meant that conventional insurance providers hesitated to offer coverage, leaving Simon a bit stuck.

The solution

Where others had failed to find solutions, Clear Business found the perfect business insurance policy – a policy that Simon was starting to believe didn’t even exist. 

“I’d tried loads of different companies but to no avail,” Simon said. “Clear Business went out of their way to help me and found the perfect policy. It’s affordable and covers everything I wanted to cover. What more could I ask for?”

The insurance policy from Clear Business transformed The Hidden Dungeon's operational landscape. Simon added, "It’s given me real peace of mind. When you're dealing with expensive stock, you constantly wonder, 'What will I do if something happens?' I needed that security that only a solid insurance policy can provide."

This newfound confidence has since allowed Simon to focus on growing his - now fully insured - business.

Customer satisfaction and added value

Simon described the policy provided through Clear Business as "spot on", given that the prospect of operating without insurance had been a real consideration for his business.

Thanks to the policy's precise fit, Clear Business has furnished The Hidden Dungeon with a level of protection and peace of mind Simon had started to believe was unattainable.

Future outlook

Simon's advice to other small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)?: "Once you’ve reached a certain amount of stock, you really do need insurance – something can always go wrong."

Expanding The Hidden Dungeon is on Simon’s horizon, with aspirations of moving into a warehouse to accommodate the recent resurgence in comic book sales.

“If I can expand the business to the point I need a warehouse, I’ll be straight on to Clear Business to get it insured.”

 So, if you’re interested in vintage books and collectable comics, the newly insured Hidden Dungeon awaits. Check out what they have to offer here: The Hidden Dungeon | Comics & Collectables

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