Eddy Loves Hair

Eddy Loves Hair, an award-winning home-based salon, insured through Clear Business.

"They really helped me a lot and checked everything to make sure the policy worked for me. It was a surprisingly pleasant experience."
Edyta Zebrowska Owner of Eddy Loves Hair

Prep-hair-ing for the future with Eddy Loves Hair

Eddy Loves Hair Ltd specialises in a range of hairdressing services for customers typically aged between 25 and 65. Run by Edyta Zebrowska in a town just north of Milton Keynes, they offer a serene alternative to the bustling salon atmosphere.

With over 30 years of experience, Edyta has carved out a niche for herself as a home-based nanoplasty specialist – a formaldehyde- and cruelty-free treatment that uses nanotechnology to smooth and straighten hair.

This year, Eddy Loves Hair Ltd has been shortlisted to represent Milton Keynes in the "Best for Blonde" category at the official UK Hair and Beauty Awards 2024.

The challenge

Running a home-based business comes with its unique challenges, particularly in ensuring enough protection for both the business and its clients, and Edyta wanted a simple hair and beauty insurance solution that would provide robust coverage without any complexity.

The solution

Throughout the policy selection process, Clear Business took the time to ensure that Edyta understood every aspect of her insurance policy, making the entire process clear and straightforward.

“The lady who dealt with me was brilliant,” Edyta said. “She really helped me a lot and triple-checked everything to make sure the policy worked for me. It was a surprisingly pleasant experience!”

The personalised approach taken by Clear Business had an immediate impact on Eddy Loves Hair Ltd. Edyta added, "They explained everything to me, made sure everything was correct, and that everything was clear. With English being my second language, I appreciated the lengths Clear Business went to.”

Customer satisfaction and confidence

One of the significant benefits of choosing Clear Business for Edyta has been the increased confidence it has given her as a business owner.

Knowing that she has reliable insurance coverage lets Edyta do what she does best – running Eddy Loves Hair Ltd with peace of mind, enhancing the overall experience for her clients.

Future outlook

Edyta has dreams of expanding her business by converting her garage into a professional salon space. It’s an ambition energised by the success of her current business dynamic and the insurance support provided by Clear Business.

Thinking about her offering, Edyta said, "In between treatments, my customers can work on their laptops, watch TV, or read books and magazines. Eddy Loves Hair is all about a professional service within a relaxed, homely setting and what I'll always strive to provide."

If you’re in the Milton Keynes area and are looking for expert hair treatment in a serene environment that’s fully insured, Eddy Loves Hair is waiting for you.

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