Hair and beauty insurance

Styled policies for the hair and beauty industry, with a range of insurers to provide protection.

What insurance do I need as a hair & beauty business? 

Whether you run a nail salon, tanning salon, hairdressers or beauty parlour, we can find you cover from a range of insurance providers. We can 'style' policies based on your requirements – including those of spas, massage parlours and makeup technicians.  

Clear Business presents you with options so you can choose your business insurance cover. With flexible payment methods available, and access to multiple insurers, we provide a full service to our clients, because we value the service they provide to theirs. 

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What a hair & beauty insurance policy could include

We’re business insurance specialists, so we know how important it is to understand your unique requirements. We can present you with a range of covers which can be added, allowing your insurance to change with your business. This can be useful if you decide to offer additional treatments and services during your policy. 

Public liability

Protecting against any harm or damages done to customers or members of the public, paying out up to £5m, or higher, if required.

Treatment risks

Treatment risks cover is an extension of your public liability policy and can cover your business if a claim is made against you because one of your treatments causes injury to a client. 

Product liability

Product liability insurance can provide cover for harm your customers experience. This could range from a faulty hair styler to a shampoo which may result in expensive hospital fees, medical costs and claims. 

Business contents & stock

Business contents & stock cover can include your trade contents, fixtures and fittings, stock, and employees' and customers’ personal effects. Money cover is also available to protect your businesses cash whilst on the premises during working hours. 

Employers' liability

Most employers are required to have employers’ liability insurance, which provides cover in the event of employee injury. For more information, visit the government website. 

Business insurance for hair and beauty businesses

Flexible cover for your hair & beauty business, arranged today. We put you and your business first, so you can choose the policy that works for you.

Having your own hair and beauty salon should be an exciting and rewarding experience – without any ‘in’fringe’ments. Considering how to protect your business with policies to safeguard your financial security if something goes wrong is a consideration for many hair and beauty business owners. 

If you own a salon, you might want an insurance policy in place.  

At Clear Business, we can search the market for options for your beauty business’s needs, giving you more time to get back to running your business.  

As a result, you can choose cover for many eventualities, focussed on the range of services and treatments you offer.  

We've protected over 30,000 small businesses. Join them and get covered today!

What types of hair and beauty salons can you source cover for? 

We can source cover for a range of treatments such as waxing, nails, hair, beauty, piercing, make-up, hair removal, skin treatments, tanning, solarium, piercing, massages and more.  

Cover is available whether you work from home, own a salon, rent a chair or operate as a mobile operator. 

We can present you with a range of cover options so that you can make an informed decision on what's right for your business.   

Considered business interruption insurance? 

In the unlikely event that something happens to your business premises, have you considered what impact this may have? Business interruption insurance covers the loss of income from being unable to trade as a result of an insurable claim. It can include fire, flood, or storm damage among others. This can be important to some businesses as they could be unable to trade for some time. 

The right cover, at the right price 

Clear Business sources and quotes from a range of insurers. meaning you can choose cover for your business at a price that’s right for you. In addition, you may be able to add covers as and when needed during the lifetime of the policy.  

Why choose Clear Business for finding your business insurance?

Giving hair and beauty professionals access to a range of insurance covers. Be prepared for unexpected events with business insurance arranged by Clear Business. 

Up to £5 million of cover

Claims can be expensive, that’s why we source insurance that offers up to £5 million worth of public liability cover, with more available upon request.

Simple, specific cover

To help save you both time and money. We compare prices from a panel of different insurers, so you don’t have to. Giving you back more time to run your business. 

A team that knows your industry

We're business insurance specialists, so we know how important it is to understand your unique requirements.

Easy claims process

Accidents can happen, so when something does go wrong you can rest easy knowing our team is on hand to help make the claims process as quick and stress free as possible.  

No mid term fees

We don’t charge any mid-term fees at all during the life of your policy (though your insurer might and your premium may increase depending on the change.) 

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Be prepared for unexpected events with business insurance through Clear Business.

Looking to take out a policy?  Our team will discuss your business needs with you and compare personalised quotes from a panel of insurance providers. You'll be presented with policy options that ensure you only pay for the cover you need. Simple. 

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