A 5 step guide to meter readings

Only pay for what you use

Small business owner uploading his meter read onto Clear Business' Customer Zone
The best way to provide us with up-to-date meter readings is through a smart meter, which will do it for you. You can find out more about getting a smart meter here.
If you haven't got a smart meter yet then by providing us with meter reads each month, we can bill based on accurate usage rather than estimated usage. In addition to the obvious benefit of paying for exactly what you use, providing meter reads each month also allows you to monitor your consumption throughout the year and budget for future bills.

Each month we will send a reminder when your meter read is due. Typically, in order that the meter read can be used for your next bill, we would like you to submit your read between the 24th and the last working day of the month.1

Taking your meter reading is essential for your business. When you regularly submit meter reads your bills will reflect your actual usage. Remember to provide us with your meter read on the last working day of each month by logging onto Customer Zone.

How to find and send your meter reading

If your meter is located internally, we’d recommend submitting readings to us on a monthly basis to ensure you’re billed accurately. If your meter is located externally, get in touch and we can arrange a meter reading for you. When sending your meter reading, please remember to include any zeros that appear before the digits.

Here's some handy videos to help you if you're not sure how to read your gas and electricity meters.

Need to submit a meter read?  Follow these 5 steps below:Submit your meter reading to Clear Business on Customer Zone with these five steps

Should I get a smart meter?

We’ve busted some of the most common myths about smart meters here.  Switching to a smart meter can help you save time, money, and carbon emissions. If you don’t have one already, there’s never been a better time to book an installation.

The UK's smart meter rollout is already well underway, with 28.8 million meters installed in small businesses and homes. There are many benefits you can experience from having a smart meter installed in your business:

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