Get your energy usage data 

If you have a smart or advanced meter, you can request your energy consumption data (the amount of energy you use).

You’ll be able to access the previous 12 months’ data, starting from the date your meter was installed.1

This data can give you a better understanding of how much energy you use so you can budget and reduce your usage. Making small changes can help you save money and lowering your business’ carbon footprint.

We make life simple for small businesses like you. 

Just fill in the form below and we’ll contact you within the next 10 days.  

You can fill this form out for yourself or a nominated third party can fill it out.  

We take protecting our customers data seriously. So, if you are a nominated third party requesting data, please send a Letter of Authority2 to You can find it here. This Letter of Authority form is valid for consumption data requests only. 

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