The benefits of water efficiency

Pub owner enjoys his water business service with Clear Business

Being more water efficient and cutting down on the water your business uses can save you money. It’s as simple as that. It’s easy to take water for granted - but it’s a key asset for your business.  

Being efficient in your water use can bring substantial benefits.

It saves you money

Cutting water use automatically reduced your water charges if you have a meter.

It reduces waste

Saving water reduces the amount of waste water down your drains too - a double benefit for your bottom line, and for the environment.

Speaking of the environment...

Less water means more water for preserving natural resources, and boosting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts fo your your business. A win-win!

It reduces your carbon footprint

This helps you to achieve your business' carbon reduction targets, including Green Action Plans for public sector bodies.

Here's some water saving products for your business:

- Aerating or spray taps

- Shower heads

- Infra-red controls for taps and urinals

- Low-water usage toilets and waterless urinals

- Efficient commercial washing machines and dishwashers

- Leak detection and monitoring

- Rainwater harvesting equipment

Savings of between 30 and 50% can be achieved by investing in no- and low-cost water reduction techniques and technologies. A company with an annual turnover of £2 million could save up to £20,000 per year.

Our team of water experts are always thinking of new ways to help you save water and money, need more advice please give our experts a call on 0333 014 3131. 

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