We’d like to introduce our new Director of Customer Care, Stacey Clarke, who joined the Verastar Group, which includes Clear Business in late 2021.

With 15 years’ experience leading customer service teams, Stacey has a fantastic track record of setting new service standards within global brands like Virgin and Experian.

Stacey’s remit is to ensure our customer-facing colleagues are equipped with the right tools and training to deliver outstanding service for every single Clear Business customer.

Simplicity and empathy are at the core of Stacey’s ethos and her approach to customer experience.

She said: “I’m a firm believer in placing the customer at the heart of everything you do, always thinking as a customer and putting yourself in their shoes. We all consume in our everyday lives and it’s important for customer service teams to think ‘is this how I would like to be treated as a consumer?’.

“Only by understanding your customers and what their needs are, can you deliver simple, brilliant service. Delivering the basics well, and consistently, is the foundation of great customer service. Fundamentally, it’s about providing a human-to-human experience.”

Stacey is already having a huge impact across the business, having implemented a number of transformational changes to optimise our customer service delivery with the goal of moving towards 30 second answer-times for customer service calls and improving first-time resolution rates.

Creation of centres of excellence

Under Stacey’s leadership we have launched a new “centre of excellence model” to ensure customers are always directed towards a dedicated department that is best placed to deal with their query first time.

These centres of excellence will focus on upskilling colleagues in their chosen skill set, creating training programmes and escalation procedures to more effectively deal with customer issues first time around.

Centres of excellence:

  • Technical support
  • Customer resolution
  • Telecoms specialists
  • Utilities specialists

Customer ownership

A new “customer ownership” initiative will ensure colleagues take ownership to resolve issues on behalf of customers, and keep them informed if it takes time to resolve, reducing the need to transfer customers to other departments, or for repeat calls.

24/7 service for telecoms customers

For our telecoms customers we are extending our technical support service to 24/7, so whatever the issue, whatever the time of day or night, we’ll be there.

These changes are in development right now and customers will begin to feel the benefits very soon.