At Clear Business, we aim to provide our customers with excellent service and value across all our essential business services including our Business Broadband (with speeds of up to 76 Mbps1). Occasionally, due to factors outside of our control, our customers may experience issues with their service and we want to help solve this as soon as possible. Here are some quick fixes to troubleshoot your Broadband issues.

Have you turned your router off and on again? Restarting the router may help resolve the issue. When doing this, wait a minute or more before turning it back on. Do not turn your router on and off repetitively as it will need time to stabilise again through our Dynamic Line Management (which finds the fastest stable connection for you). If you’re having to do this daily, give us a call.

Quick fix: Have you tried turning your client devices (laptops, mobiles, etc) off and on again too?

Are all the cables plugged in correctly? Sometimes moving your router or cables can cause them to slightly disconnect. Check if the cables are correctly plugged into the router, and if they are disconnected, reconnect and secure them.

What’s going on in the neighbourhood? There could be a network fault in your area. You can check this by going to the Openreach local network checker and inputting your business postcode. This will let you know if there are any network faults in the area and you can also see updates of when it will be fixed.

Where is your router? Is your router in the best possible location where you can get coverage? It’s a common misconception to put your router in a corner, by a window, or close to other electrical devices; this can make the signal weaker. It’s best to keep the router in a central location away from windows, doors, walls, inside cupboards, or by other devices.

Have you tried plugging in? Sometimes the Broadband issue may be down to wireless issues. Try plugging your laptop or desktop directly into the router. If you’re able to connect to the internet, you could have a wireless or settings issue which we can look into for you.

Is the landline working? Your Broadband relies on a landline to operate, you can check if there is a fault by checking the dial tone. Plug a handset into the same socket your router is plugged into. If you do not hear a tone, there could be a fault on your line.

Time to test the master socket? Try connecting a device directly into the master socket. This may cause a loss of landline temporarily if connected through a microfilter.

Have you checked the microfilter? Your microfilter is the little white box connected to your master socket that has a phone or connector lead and two holes. This allows for your Broadband to work on the same line as your Fixed Line. The cables connected to the microfilter could be loose so be sure to check these. Your microfilter may also suffer from wear and tear so might need replacing (they’re only a few pounds luckily!)

Do you need to upgrade your router? Like the microfilter, your router may need upgrading if you have had it a while. Issues from wear and tear are common, which means the issue could be from the old router and not the line itself. Get in touch to see how we can help you.

Give us a call. If you’ve tried all these steps and are still dealing with some issues, give us a call and walk us through what you’ve done. Our team will then know what has been done and can continue from there.

The Legal Stuff

1The fastest speed available on Clear Business’ Absolute Fibre Broadband. Based on 10% of our customers on the network achieving this speed or faster. The actual speed you will receive is subject to line distance from the principal connection point to your premises and line quality. Speeds vary significantly by location. External factors e.g. internet congestion and premises wiring also significantly affect speed.