Saving water in the workplace

Knowing how to use less water in your business will ultimately not only save you money on your bills, but will also make your business more environmentally friendly.

Garden center owner watering plants while being mindful of her small business sustainability policy

At Clear Business, we’ve identified the following areas which are common to most businesses, along with some tips and advice for you to saving water and saving money in your workplace:


  • Fix leaking taps and replace washers, a slow-dripping tap can waste up to 5,500 litres of water over a year*.

  • Install water-efficient taps with an aerator or flow restrictor to use less water. Or fit lever/mixer taps as these save water by quickly reaching a desired temperature.

  • Avoid washing up under running taps.


- Install water efficient dishwashers.

- Always wait until you have a full load before washing. (The same goes for washing machines for those businesses who may use one.)

- Scrape rather than rinse dishes prior to washing.


- Replace single-flush toilets with dual-flush toilets.

- Regularly check for leaks and fix immediately.

  • Consider installing water-efficient urinals with smart controls to reduce unnecessary flushing.

Air conditioning

  • If your working space uses evaporative air conditioners, set the thermostat to 24°C.

  • Where possible, use fans and natural ventilation.

  • Switch off heating and cooling after hours.

Top tip

OK, so maybe now you’ve got the workplace sorted but are still wondering how to make your staff aware of how we can save water? Easy, talk to them about your water saving initiatives and begin with adding policies and procedures in staff inductions. Encourage them to contribute to water saving ideas and discuss water efficiency at team meetings. You could even consider appointing a 'water champion' to check meters and monitor water use. 

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