Why we all love Live Chat

How busy small businesses are using self serve channels

Luthier uses Clear Business live chat to solve the problem with his business services quickly and efficiently

What does Live Chat have to do with marshmallows? Back in 1960, two psychologists carried out an experiment at Stanford University. Walter Mischel and Ebbe B. Ebbesen gave 600 preschool children one marshmallow each. The children were given an option: they could either a) eat the sweet immediately or b) wait for 15 minutes to eat it and then receive another marshmallow as a reward for their patience. 

Just one third of the children managed to wait the full 15 minutes. 

The Marshmallow Study, as it came to be known, demonstrates our appetite for instant gratification. 

Live chat provides consumers and our customers with instant gratification, and we all love it.  Live chat is faster than any other digital service channel, giving customers support now and not later. 

Live chat is quickly becoming THE digital customer service channel of choice with industry reports indicating that live chat has a 73% satisfaction score among consumers today. And it also engenders loyalty – as many as 63 % of customers who chatted online with a business are more likely to return. 

At Clear Business, we recently introduced Live Chat for our small business customers which means that our agents can be available at every touch point and deliver a better experience. 

We know that we’re now providing: 

- A faster response time – minutes rather than hours, providing a real time response 

- A personalised experience – speaking to a real person at a time that is convenient to our customer and their business hours  

- Reduced number of touch points – getting to the heart of the query and providing the right solution resulting in first contact resolution (FCR) 

Finally, it also improves customer trust and loyalty.  As a business we also benefit from capturing more data from the customer and when the issue is resolved, positive feedback that we can share. 

As with the marshmallow experiment, our customer care team is now delivering ‘s’mores’ to small businesses.   

Have a question?  Just click on the speech icon to get started. 

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