Little Growbags.

Customer Case Study.

“So much easier for my essential services to be in one place”

Little Growbags is a small family run day care centre that has been putting the needs of children first since 2004. Based in Worcester, they offer flexible childcare services to 37 children from ages zero to five and currently use Clear Business for Telecoms, Broadband, Mobile, Water. Having recently signed up to Electricity too, they are looking forward to going green!

‘From a small business point of view, Clear Business is a master of all trades. Having all my essential services in one place is a real time saver! I don’t have to worry about who to contact and where all my information is for my different services.’ Little Growbags Director Jacky Avins begins to explain.

‘It’s nice to speak to someone in the UK who knows a bit about you and your business. I remember when we signed up to Clear Business in 2009, we were looking for a new supplier for our telecoms and broadband and it coincided that Clear Business gave us a call. Since then we’ve been adding more services to our account and making savings. The switching process is simple and easy.’ she continues to add. ‘I believe having the right provider is all about having the best deal and I know I’m getting that.’ she continues to add.

‘Over the years, our experience has been excellent. All in all, I’d rate Clear Business 10/10. Any issues I have had, have been outside of their control but I appreciate that they are sorted as quickly as possible. For example, when there was an issue with my telephone line, I could get the calls diverted to my mobile. It was the ideal solution to keep in touch with parents and staff.

Mrs Avins is looking forward to reducing her business’ carbon footprint when her Green Electricity goes live. ‘We’re also excited that once our electricity is switched to Clear Business it’ll be green. We aim to be environmentally friendly and promote this to our children. It’s great to have a supplier that can help us with that!’

Jacky Avins

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