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Customer Case Study.

“As a small business I have to try and keep my costs down and Clear Business helps me do exactly that.”

Little Growbags is a small family run day care centre that has been putting the needs of children first since 2004. Based in Worcester, they offer flexible childcare services to 37 children from ages zero to five and currently use Clear Business for Telecoms, Broadband, Mobile, Water. Having recently signed up to Electricity too, they are looking forward to going green!

Morag first found out about Clear Business through an email, the brand name Clear Business is what caught her attention and after learning about the One Bill solution she wanted to find out more. Morag said: “It was in the name – Clear Business. The idea of keeping my bills all together in one bill was clearly the best way forward for me. Clear Business offered a competitive price compared to what I was charged before. It’s important for me as a small business as I have to try and keep my costs down and Clear Business helps me do exactly that.”

Hairs & Gracies Ltd started off with Broadband and were looking to add on Gas and Electric. Morag describes the positive experience she receives from Clear Business: “I have a good relationship with Clear Business, a staff member named Doug was particularly helpful in sorting out my Gas & Electric, he was brilliant.”

The pandemic has massively impacted the beauty industry, especially since majority of independent salons operate through close-contact services. Morag explains how Covid-19 has impacted her business: “It has affected my business massively. I have only been open for four years. However, since opening after lockdown I have been the busiest I have ever been, but business is not like the old days where people are visiting every 6 weeks, my clients are now coming in every 6 months.”

Morag is excited for future developments to Hairs & Gracies Ltd and is planning on growing her team. “I have just taken on a level 3 apprentice who is doing her final year with me and hopefully she will progress into managing my salon. I would like to start looking at other premises and maybe hire another stylist when COVID-19 restrictions have been fully lifted.”

Morag Anne Mowle,

Owner of Hairs & Gracies Ltd

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