Digital Voice

Business phone lines but not as you know them. Same calls, same number, lower business phone costs. Plus, never miss a call again with our free mobile app.

Waitress enjoys an internet calling service with remote calling

What is Digital Voice?

Digital Voice is a cloud-based business phone service that goes where you go, meaning you are not restricted to a single place of work to make and take phone calls.

Never miss a call again.

It’s all in the cloud, via an app, so you can pick up where you left off on multiple devices or check your voicemails when you’re on the go. All from one phone number.

Business phone lines but not as you know them. Download the free mobile app to enjoy the same calls, same number, and lower business phone costs.   

Digital Voice is the new name for Cloud Voice. You’ll see this change over the next few months.

Looking for a simple phone line?

Why pay more for business phone lines?

We don’t believe in charging you over the odds for your essential services. With us you get the same business voice phone lines as you’re on now, for less. That’s it. 

If that sounds like a breath of fresh air, so is the way we treat our customers. We don’t do jargon. We don’t do complicated. We don’t say one thing then do another.

We offer packages and contracts that suit you and your business

Simple switching

Choose a business phone plan from us and continue using the same business phone lines that you are using now. Minimal disruption to your business when you switch. You can even keep the same number1. No hassle, just lower costs

Switching from your current provider? If they charge you, we'll give you up to £300 to soften the blow2

Let's be clear: Know your rights

Remember, your supplier can only charge an Early Termination Charge (ETC) if your contract says so and you were told about it when you agreed to take the service.  
So, talk to Clear Business. We’ll take care of the essential services; you take care of your business. 

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