Move3500 quick start guide

Follow our step-by-step user guide to get your new Ingenico Move3500 up and running, explore important functions and start taking payments in less than 5 minutes. 

    Let’s get you up and running for hassle free payments.

    Getting started

    First up, check you have the following items included with your terminal: 

  • 1 x Ingenico Move3500 card machine
  • 1 x till roll
  • 1 x power cord
  • 1 x ethernet cable

  • Right, you’re ready to get started and turn on your new POS device. 

    Insert the till roll and powering on 

    To insert the till roll, pull up the latch on the paper roll cover and open the cover. Insert the paper roll into the terminal and close the cover, making sure the paper sticks out a bit. You are now ready to turn on your Move3500. 

    Plug the power cord into the mains electricity and then insert the jack into the power slot on the side of the power/ethernet slot. 

    Connect your ethernet cable to your router (if you are choosing this connection method) and plug the ethernet cable into the ethernet slot on the side of the power/ethernet slot. The Move3500 will now start booting up. 


    In order to setup a Wi-Fi profile go to terminal control panel by pressing the down arrow key on the “Ready” screen, then selecting as follows: control panel, terminal settings, comm means, Wi-Fi. 

    Select Scan networks and press the green key and the terminal will automatically scan for available networks 

    From the list of networks select the desired network and enter the Wi-Fi password. Please note the Wi-Fi password will be case sensitive. And press the green key. 

    The confirmation screen will be displayed and then press the red key in order to return to the idle screen. If the Wi-Fi icon has turned green – the terminal is ready to for use. 


    Bluetooth terminals will be supplied already paired with the base unit provided; your terminal can only use the Ethernet connection when it is paired to the base unit. 

    To associate your terminal to a Bluetooth base go to terminal control panel by pressing down arrow key on the “Ready” screen, then selecting as follows: “control panel”, “terminal settings”, “Comm means”, “Bluetooth”. Then follow steps as described in “New Base Association”. 


    Mobile terminals require a SIM card in order to communicate. The SIM card will be supplied already installed. Turn the terminal over and unclip the back cover by pushing on the clip.

    Please do not use any tools when installing or removing your SIM card. To avoid damage to the SIM card holder, ensure that when installing the SIM card you do not apply undue pressure or push the SIM card beyond the natural limits of the SIM card holder. Only use the SIM card supplied to you by your terminal supplier; if your SIM card is lost, stolen, or damaged you should contact the terminal helpdesk immediately. 

    Your terminal will automatically pick-up the best available network. 

    Performing a sale and refund

    To perform a sale insert the card, swipe, manual key entry or tap contactless card and enter PIN or present card if under £100 and then press the Enter key. 

    The terminal connects to the host. 

    The terminal has received approval response from the host and printing the receipt. 

    Press the Enter key to print a customer copy, if no receipt is required press the Cancel key to revert to the idle screen. 

    The terminal prompts user to remove the card before going back to idle screen. 

    To perform a refund navigate the following sequence of menus by pressing Menu button on the main menu: 

    Menu > Refund > Enter the Supervisor Code > Enter refund amount and then press Enter key to confirm. 

    Present, insert, swipe or key in the card number of the payment card. 

    The standard flow is performed (connecting, authorising, PIN/signature, approved, printing). 

    End of day batching

    To perform an 'End of Day' report press the menu key twice, then choose Reports. You will be asked to type your supervisor password, then press enter, choose 'End of Day'.

    Note: For security purposes, the screen above will only be displayed for a limited time. 

    Important: End of Day/Reconciliation should be performed every day as this is your confirmation of the transaction totals that have been sent to the acquirer. 

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