Castles Saturn S1F2 quick start guide

Follow our step-by-step user guide to get your new Castles Technology Saturn up and running, explore important functions and start taking payments in less than 5 minutes. 

    Let’s get you up and running so you can focus on your business.

    Getting started

    First up, check you have the following items included with your terminal: 

  • 1 x Saturn S1F2 Wi-Fi terminal with battery
  • 2 x till rolls
  • 1 x power cord
  • 1 x charging dock (optional)

  • Right, you’re ready to get started and turn on your new POS device. 

    Setting up the charging dock

    Step 1: Place the dock on a hard flat surface with the back of the dock facing up.

    Step 2: Lift the cable tidy by pressing on the latch on the left.

    Step 3: Connect the power cable into the DC 9V port and connect the power supply to the power outlet.

    Step 4: Lock the cable tidy down.

    Step 5: Place the terminal on to the charging dock

    Step 6: If the terminal is receiving power a solid red light will appear

    Step 7: Hold down the power button until the terminal turns on

    Installation of the paper roll

    Step 1: Set the terminal down on the rubber feet. Pull upwards on the lid, away from the paper roll housing.

    Step 2: The paper must feed from underneath the roll.

    Step 3: Close the printer door until an audible 'click' is heard. Top of the printer lid must be flush with the edge of the terminal.

    How to connect to your Wi-Fi

    Step 1: To set up your terminal to your Wi-Fi you will need to press the back arrow on your screen.

    Step 2: Then select the 'MENU' icon

    Step 3: Select the arrow at the bottom right of the screen

    Step 4: Select the Wi-Fi icon

    Step 5: Select your Wi-Fi

    Step 6: Type in your Wi-Fi password. Remember upper case and lower case letters will affect the password

    Step 7: Your terminal is ready to take a payment

    End of day

    Total agreed - This matches to what WorldPay sees and what customer has taken.

    Total disagreed - The customer vice authorisation and not seen WorldPay, means the the end of day needs to be completed again.

    Unconfirmed - This means it does not have any connection and there is a communication issue

    Supporting information

    Password: 0000

    Referral: 00000

    Debug: DO NOT USE

    Option for volume: You can turn this up and down

    Will the terminal work with no till roll? - NO

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