If you've not agreed a formal contract with Clear Business but we’re supplying your essential services, you're charged deemed contract rates.

Electricity and gas prices are subject to market conditions and fluctuate on an hourly basis. This can create a high level of uncertainty. This uncertainty is reflected in higher pricing in comparison to fixed contracts, to cover spikes in power purchases.

If you’re currently being charged deemed rates please contact our Customer Service Team on 0333 014 3131 to discuss your options.

What is the difference between deemed contract customers and out of contract customers?

Deemed contract this is where gas or electricity (or both) are supplied to a premises. The customer is using a product (gas, electricity or both) at said premises, without entering into a formal agreement for those services. So, for example, when a customer moves into new premises and uses the existing supplier.

Out of contract  – this is where a customer’s fixed term contract has expired but they still continue to receive services from us.