Partner Case Study.

One Man Band – Gary F.

Name: Gary F.

Partner type: One man band

Based: Scotland

Joined Clear Business: 2016

Describes Clear Business as: easy to deal, good service, stress free

“Everything is simple and straightforward”

With a strong background in business to business sales, Gary decided to work for himself. Using his industry knowledge with the support given by Clear Business, he’s become one of our leading Partners.

Looking at his career, Gary highlights ‘I’ve worked in the industry for a long time. I initially started working in sales for a utilities company and this is where I get most of my experience from. After a while, I decided it would be a better career move if I worked for myself.’ He adds ‘That’s the reason I became a Partner. I know the value that I get from working for myself and being a Clear Business Partner has really helped me to reap those benefits.’

When asked about the support given to him by Clear Business he replies ‘The support I get is brilliant. Anything that I need gets sorted to a quality standard.’ He continues ‘I never feel unsupported. I’ve built a strong relationship with the Partner Support team and whenever I have a requirement I know that they’re there to help me.’ 

It’s not only Gary’s experience in the industry that places him as one of our leading Partners, the prices offered by Clear Business also help him get a high volume of customers to sign up. He says ‘The prices are competitive. Whenever I’m speaking to a customer they’re interested in knowing about the savings that Clear Business can offer. It makes a lot easier to seal the deal’.

Gary sees being a Clear Business Partner a great opportunity for those who want to work for themselves, he encourages ‘If a person is thinking of becoming a Clear Business Partner I say they should go for it. I have recommended people in the past and I will do it again.’ He explains ‘The commission is great. I’m always paid on time and there are no hassles. It’s good to be a Partner for a business that makes everything easier for me.’

Like the sound of Gary’s journey?