This Code of Practice sets out the standards we expect from you as a Partner. 

It also includes any Sub-Introducers acting as intermediaries with actual or potential customers. This will be regularly reviewed and amended from time to time, as appropriate.  It is your responsibility to regularly check the most current version of the code and notify any Sub-Introducers of any changes. 

We value our reputation with UK small business owners and expect you to protect it when working with us.

When communicating with an actual or potential customer you’re expected to: 

- Be courteous. 

- Sell our services responsibly. 

- Be factual and accurate when promoting us and our services. 

- Be appropriately dressed and clearly display your identification badge (When attending in person). 

- Contact with actual and potential customers must be respectful. Any request to cease contact must be honoured. Customers should not be approached before 8:00am or after 8:00pm, unless specifically requested. 

When contacting customers to introduce them to our services, you may deal with vulnerable people.  

These people may include those who do not speak English as their first language or those with mental health issues. When dealing with a vulnerable person you should speak clearly. Confirm that they understand the information you are providing and be patient. 

Our agreements 

We want to keep everything straightforward and clear.  We streamline all essential business utility services into one, hassle free bill. When introducing customers to our services, you will:  

- Explain the key features of the contract in a fair, accurate and transparent manner. 

- Explain the services available with a high level of working product knowledge. 

- Only offer services in relation to that customer’s specific needs and means. 

- Do not offer to vary the terms and conditions of the contract. 

- Do not make any statements or warranties that are not consistent with any material provided by us. 

Marketing and advertising 

We want you to spread the word about Clear Business. That’s why we provide you with marketing materials and guidance so that the Clear Business brand is communicated clearly and consistently.  

If you want to use our branding on your own documentation please seek our approval first.  It is important that you follow our Brand Guidelines (which we can provide to you on request). 

When you’re marketing the Clear Business brand we have a few dos and don’ts: 


- Use the marketing materials that we provide to you to promote Clear Business. 

- Tell customers that we are one of your chosen suppliers. 

- Say that you are an authorised partner/broker of Clear Business. 


- Say that you’re calling from Clear Business. 

- Tell customers that you’re working in conjunction with us. 

- Describe yourself as acting on behalf of us. 

- Present any Clear Business telephone number when contacting prospective or actual customers. 

- Use the Clear Business business name, branding, or any other Intellectual Property without our prior approval. Or for any purpose other than promoting our services. 

Use pressurised marketing techniques or mislead the customer. 

Data Protection 

You must comply with the provisions of Data Protection Laws (as defined in your Partnering Agreement).  

Make customers aware that you are collecting their data and that this is being collected in accordance with our Privacy Policy. This is available here. All customer information should be submitted to us in accordance with the User Guide. 

Before contacting a customer, you must ensure that the customer is not on any suppression list.  This including the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS). 

Should any customer wish to be removed from our data, this can be requested by writing to: Clear Business, No. 1 Dovecote, Old Hall Road, Sale, M33 2GS. 

Partner or introducer obligations 

- Ensure that your representatives and any Sub-Introducers are aware of and comply with this code; 

- Comply with any applicable laws and regulations relating to the services; 

- Not financially benefit from the customer contract(s) agreed, other than the commission payable by us; 

- Only enter business customers into contract(s) with us; 

- Ensure that the person entering into the contract is authorised and intends to do so; 

- Retain a record of contact with any customer for a period of not less than 12 months and make this available to us on request; and 

- Forward any communication received from a customer to us.