At Clear Business we not only make life simpler for our customers but for our partners too.  

Our commission payments are smooth, fast and transparent. 

It’s really important that we set your account up for Self-Billing. Please complete the link below as soon as possible: 

All products are supported by Self-Billing with the exception at this moment of Scottish Water.

Step 1: What are we going to pay you?

Every Friday, we will email you a statement for all commissions payable.

Step 2: How are we going to pay you?

All commissions with the exception of Scottish Water are paid via a self-billing. Complete your details below and we will pay you automatically. 

For Scottish Water please send an invoice to by Tuesday midday at the latest.

Step 3: When will we pay you?

Your money will be in your account that week by Friday at the latest – no delay. Zero fuss. 

Payment is made directly into your nominated bank account. If you are a Limited business, we must be paying into the Limited business bank account. 

Weekly commissions explained

Your weekly statement will review the weeks activity – this includes last week’s Friday to Thursday of the current week, based on the following criteria: 

- Fixed line, fibre and broadband – any services that has gone live with Clear Business in the week.

- Water – any customer that has reached the PONR (Point of no Return) within the week.

- PONR is usually 5 working days before the supply goes live with Clear Business.

- Electricity – any supply where we have been able to gain an early EAC (Estimated Annual Consumption) at the PONR. Where we haven’t received an early EAC we will wait for the industry D0019 feed which can take up to three weeks after the supply has gone live. 

- Gas – Any supply that has reached the PONR within the week.