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About us.

Clear Business is the provider for you – here are a few reasons why.

Clear Business is part of the Verastar Group, which was established in 1998. Over the years, we have had one mission – to make the lives of small business owners easier.

Clear Business started off as a Scotland Water provider, and has gradually entered new markets to become the unique provider we are today – offering Green Electricity, Gas, Water in England as well as Scotland, Phone Lines, Broadband, Mobile and Insurance (through our sister company The Insurance Octopus), with all monthly services all on one bill.

Why choose Clear Business?

We know that there is a whole host of providers out there for you to choose from but none are quite like us! We’ve put together the key stats and fun facts that show we are the provider for you.

An award-winning provider.

For us, we win when we help make busy business owners’ lives easier. Whilst we’ve been dedicated to making this happen, Clear Business and the Verastar Group have been recognised by some national and regional awards.

Our commitment to you.

You want a provider you can rely on, we know that. Here’s our commitment to you.


All of the industries we work in are regulated, which we think is a great thing especially for you the customer. Not only do we meet our requirements, we ensure we work closely with our regulators so that we can go above and beyond that.

All the essentials without all the admin.

Streamline your Business Services onto one bill.

Want to know more?

Find out the benefits of switching to Clear Business.