4 steps to save water and money in your business

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More businesses have chosen to switch to business water from Clear Business than any other provider and it is our goal to deliver our 55,000+ customers fantastic service, value and an easy to switch process.

We also strive to be a responsible utilities and telecoms provider for small businesses as we know we are working with scarce and valuable resources. Now that summer is fast approaching, water usage in your business is likely to rise. No matter what industry you are in, saving water during summer – and throughout the year – is environmentally friendly and could also save your business a considerable amount of money. We have put together some tips and advice for you to save money and water in your business: 

Equip –  Start by having the right equipment  

Installing water-efficient equipment is a simple way for your small business to save water. Consider installing lever or mixer taps that save water by reaching the desired temperature quickly. Tap aerators that mix air in with the water flow are also easy to fit to your faucet and can reduce the amount of water used by as much as 50%.  

Wondering where to aim your water saving efforts next? The toilets. Dual-flush toilets, that give a choice as to how much water is flushed, allow you to decrease water usage. Take a look at your urinals too. If your business is open 40 hours a week, up to 75% of the flushing happens when there’s no one there. You can save your business up to 60% on water charges by fitting urinal controls and avoiding out-of-hours flushing.  

Check – Carry out regular checks  

Are you concerned that your bills don’t match the amount of water you’ve been using? Maybe it’s time for a water audit! A commercial water audit, carried out by a third-party, analyses your water usage and provide detailed information about water efficiency opportunities and savings. It can also identify if there are any water leaks that should be repaired. 

If a water audit is not right for your business, you can still carry out your own checks. To test for water leaks, simply put a few drops of food colouring or a dye tablet into your toilet tank. If the colour shows up in the bowl, this means that your tank is silently wasting up to 100 gallons of water a day. Your taps should also be checked regularly for any drips as they can waste up to 90 litres of water a week.  

Recycle – Think about other uses for wasted water 

This is all about not wasting a single drop recycling water. Take a minute to think about the numerous times that you’ve let water go down the drain and you’ll soon realise that a lot of that wasted water could be used for other purposes. If you recycle your water you can substantially increase your water savings. Whilst you’re waiting for the tap to either warm up or cool down, place a bowl in the kitchen sink and recycle that water for watering plants, cleaning or even storing in the fridge for drinking.  

Have you considered investing in a water butt. A water butt collects rain water that falls in the gutters and pipes of your building in a large container which can then be used for car washes and watering your office garden, crops or plants. If you do not own the business property, you could pitch water conservation ideas to your landlord. Remember that when recycling water you should find the best ways to use it without compromising your health or your business. 

Communicate – Engage and inform your employees 

Your employees can play a big role in saving your Business Water. The commitment needs to start at the highest level of management and be cascaded all the way down. As the business owner it is your job to motivate your employees and get them involved in the business’ green efforts. Start speaking to staff about water saving initiatives, provide regular reports on water use figures and you could even allocate an individual to be responsible for a water conservation plan. Communicating with Clear Business is key if you want to make savings. As your water supplier we are here to help you. By providing us with updated meter reads each month you can ensure that we have accurate figures for your water usage (you can do this in a matter of clicks through your exclusive online Customer Zone. Through our customer friendly, unique one bill solution, you’ll be able to compare your business’ water consumption month-on-month and gain more insight into how water is being used by your business. You can access your last 12-months of bills through your Customer Zone too. 

For more water saving tips for in and out of your business visit Waterwise today 

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