Taking online and remote card payments the easy way

Your small business guide to hassle-free card payments.

Running a business in a turbulent economic climate typically presents an array of setbacks and challenges. Taking card payments, however, should not be one of them.

Working with suppliers that provide reliable and robust business payment methods helps you maximise sales opportunities and earn money 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

When starting a new business or taking your existing small business to the next level, you must ensure that you can offer the fast, secure, and frictionless card payment experience that modern customers expect.

Whether you take card payments over the phone, via a virtual card terminal, or through your website, deploying the latest payment solutions is crucial to ensuring that every transaction counts.

Enter Clear Business

Clear Business supplies a range of easy and affordable payment solutions for all types of small businesses across the UK. Whether you're a restaurant owner, a dog groomer, or an independent shop owner, we have a payment solution that will streamline your customer payment experience.

We’ll help you to retain your existing customers and attract new ones with the latest payment innovations so your customer can pay ‘their way’.

The online payment process

Customer expectations have intensified, and the demand for reliable, user-friendly online or remote payment options continues to rise.

A modern online payment system bridges the gap between the customer and business and allows customers to make card payments via computer, tablet, or smartphone.

There are three vital strands to the payment process using online systems:

  1. The payment gateway – As soon as a customer inserts their payment details, the data securely passes through the gateway to the processor, who deals with the deposited funds.

  2. The payment processor – The debit or credit card details are transferred between the acquiring banks and checked for errors.

  3. The merchant bank – The funds are transferred to a merchant bank and deposited into your business account.

When dealing with multiple orders each day, implementing a business payment method that maximises the safety of customer details is imperative. Once a purchase is completed using an online payment system, the card details are encrypted and processed through the gateway, keeping sensitive data highly secure.

What can your business gain from online payments? Customer satisfaction and happy customers

Nearly 70% of consumers abandon their baskets before completing a card payment. However, this can be reduced by fine-tuning the checkout process.

By deploying next-generation payment software, you improve your customers’ shopping experience and help generate stronger brand loyalty.

Faster payments

An online payment option will help you sell your products and services faster, with even remote payments being able to be quickly processed and received into your business account.

Ultimately, the easier the process, the more likely your customers will make a purchase.

Extra security

Online payment packages benefit most businesses, but the retail sector can take particular advantage. They mitigate risks and scams, add a layer of seller protection against chargebacks, and ensure no customer data is risked.

Stay ahead of the game

Integrating our online payment system and gateway solutions makes card processing straightforward. Moreover, the Clear Business experts will guide you on our range of countertop, portable and mobile GPRS terminals.

At Clear Business, we understand the importance of getting the payment process right and how critical a secure, reliable, and fast payment option is to your business and customers.

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