Online payments for small businesses

Online card payments for round-the-clock purchases. Made easy.

Online payments made fast and easy with Clear Business payments.

Take online payments morning, noon, and night

Accepting online payments couldn’t be any easier with our portal. Compatible with your website or send out payment links through email or SMS.

Card payment solutions done your way with Clear Business.

E-commerce website

Take online payments through your website via either a hosted or customised payment page. It’s easy and secure for your customers.

  • A simple hosted payment page

  • Fully customised checkout option

  • Fast and secure payment process

Pay by link

Send your customer a secure, clickable link by email or SMS - suitable for invoices or recurring bills. It takes around 60 seconds to generate a link.

  • Send via email or SMS platforms

  • Instant reporting

  • Simple to use

Virtual terminal

Opt into MOTO payments through our online payment portal. Simply enter the customer’s card details and instantly take payments. All you need is access to the internet.

  • Multiple users

  • Additional security

  • No coding needed

Integrated online payment system for e-commerce

Choice of e-commerce integration types:

Hosted payment page

This links your customer's online basket to a hosted payment page. Ideal for new businesses with little technical know-how. 

The hosted payment page is a PCI DSS v3.2 compliant solution, allowing you to collect card data without having to worry about the cost of PCI compliance.  

Find out more about available integrations.

Integrated payment page

Take card details on your website with full control of your customer experience. It’s a secure API connection that integrates seamlessly with your online store.

 Whether you’re familiar with APIs or it’s your first time, don’t fret - we’ll provide an easy integration guide to help get you up and running in a jiffy.



    Take orders through a secure payment link

  • Log into your merchant portal, where you’ll find everything you need to securely take payments online.

  • Set up a one-off or recurring payment for your customer.

  • Once you have added their information, you can send them a payment link by email or SMS.

  • Generate QR codes as an alternative payment method.

  • Your customer clicks the link and, from here, they can easily pay by debit or credit card. Simple.

Business benefits of accepting online payments

Internet payments have surged in recent years - you don’t need to hear it from us either, as the way we all shop has become increasingly digital.

Recent research shows us how over 80% of the population (or every 4 in 5 people) frequently makes online card purchases so, if your business can, setting up a system for accepting online payments could be a huge money maker to futureproof your growth.

Reach a broader customer market

Futureproof your brand’s reputation by catering to demand as more customers shop virtually.

Generate multiple revenue streams

Keep up with competitors already making that digital move.

Establish your brand’s online identity

Boost sales by ensuring your products are always only ever a click away.

Why businesses choose our online card payment system?

At Clear Business, we understand that flexibility in today’s economy can make or break a small businesses growth trajectory.

In the age of contactless payments, one-click checkouts, and digital wallets, customers have come to expect a quick and seamless buyer journey from the moment your products have piqued their interest to the instant they decide to buy.

 With that, we give small businesses a fully integrated online payment system that works however which way you want it to. You know your customers best after all, so we’ll work with you to tailor it to your existing demand or even open up untapped markets.


  • Fast setup and integration

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Quickly collect payments online through your website, payment link, or over the phone

  • Access to reporting data to analyse sales trends and customer behaviour

  • Payment gateway with 3D secure authentication and the latest security features

  • Accept business payments across multiple card types and devices, including digital wallets

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