What is a SPID number?

Your SPID number is essential for managing your business water bill. Learn what it is, where to find it, and why it’s important in this quick guide.

'SPID number’ is a term you’ve likely heard when dealing with your business water bill. No matter which industry you operate in, you’ll have a unique code associated with your firm and its business water usage.

Should you need to reach out to your utilities supplier or should they come knocking, here’s what you’ll need to know.

Did you know?

15.3bn litres of water is treated every day in the UK and 152 litres are used by the average person every day in England and Wales.

What is a SPID number?

Every business is given a unique SPID number. Short for Supply Point Identifier number, your SPID is what your utilities supplier will use to pair up your water usage with your property.

You’ll likely have two water SPID numbers:

1) SPID for your water connection

2) SPID for your sewerage connection

How do I find my SPID number?

Your SPID numbers will feature on your water bills and be 13 digits long. Dig out the latest from your utilities supplier to find out what yours are.

You’ll see two codes, each unique and exclusive to your premises.

Your SPID number for water is made up of 10 digits, followed by a ‘W’ and two further digits. For example: 0000000000W01. 

Your SPID number for sewerage is made up of 10 digits, followed by an ‘S’, a further digit, and a letter. For example: 0000000000S0Z.

SPID numbers are assigned based on location. English SPIDs begin with ‘3’ and Scottish SPIDs begin with either a ‘2’ or ‘1’.

Can’t find a recent invoice? Don’t worry - first, check who supplies your business water, and then contact them directly. They’ll ask for your property address and will be able to provide you with your SPIDs.

Why do I need a SPID number?

Your SPID numbers give your water supplier access to key details about your business’ water usage and supply.

This might include where your access to water is, past meter reads, your sewerage allowance, adjustments to your water bills, and so on.

Looking to switch water suppliers?

If you decide to change water suppliers at any point, you can also use your SPID numbers to smooth out this process.

As SPIDs permit access to your historical data, they’ll give the new supplier all the information they need to make the switch.

Here at Clear Business, we make switching easy, keeping your business flowing with the best rates. Not only can we offer you lower prices (saving small businesses £164 every year on their bill1) but we also do all the hard work for you - totally free of charge!

Got questions? Visit our business water support section for more.

Will my SPID number ever change?

No, it stays the same. It’s yours for the lifetime of your business.

 SPID numbers are completely unique to the business premises. Therefore, each location has its own tag. For as long as you operate there, you’ll use the same two SPIDs.

 Even if you switch water suppliers, you’ll keep the same SPID numbers with them.

 Note: Should your business relocate and move to a new address, you’ll then switch to the SPID numbers associated with the new location.

Do I need a SPID number to switch my water supplier?

Yes - if you’re looking to switch, your SPID number is how your new water supplier will identify your business premises and its water usage. If you’re struggling to find your water SPID, check your latest invoice or give your utilities supplier a call directly.

Looking for support with your water bill? Let’s talk.

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