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Are you getting the best deal for Business Energy?

Energy is vital for your business, and so is a healthy bottom line. With Gas and Green Electricity from Clear Business we’ll make sure you’re not paying over the odds – so you can have both.

Fix your Business Energy prices1

When you sign up to Energy from Clear Business, you’ll get today’s prices tomorrow – and for years to come. Fix your prices for the next 3 years and protect your business against the rising costs of Energy.

Did you know wholesale Energy prices rose 57% between 2020-2021?2

Whilst prices fluctuate, the overall trend is that they are on the rise. Go against the trend with fixed prices today.

You could be paying up to double

If you are on out of contract rates with your current supplier, you could
be paying up to double the amount you should be.

No matter what your contract status, Clear Business could SAVE you
up to 46%

Sign up to a 3-year fixed price contract and save up to £3100 a year.4

The best things in life are… GREEN.

Clear Business is proud to be a Green Electricity provider. 100% of our Electricity is backed by wind farms, which makes it 100% renewable, clean and green5. By switching to us you’ll be reducing your business’ carbon footprint and have a certificate to show all your customers your green status.

Based on the average consumption, a Clear Business customer will save 4.57 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere by switching to Green Electricity every year.

That’s the equivalent of 15,568 car miles and would need 183 trees to remove the same amount of carbon (CO2) from the atmosphere.6 (Sequester is the technical term if you’re feeling fancy.)

Many people think that Green Electricity tariffs are more expensive but with Clear Business we provide our customers with the chance to go green at no extra cost to our usual tariff. This is part of our dedication to sustainability and protection of the environment.

Penny Bridge Nursery are perfectly happy they switched to Business Energy from Clear Business in 2018…

“How would I rate Clear Business? 10/10.”

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    The legal stuff.

    1 The fixed prices may be varied in limited circumstances as per your terms and conditions, a copy of which is available at:

    2 Between 01/06/2020 & 01/06/2021 wholesale energy prices increased by 57%. Prices available at: System Sell & System Buy Prices | BMRS (

    3 Savings based on signing a contract. Maximum saving vs competitors’ published standard variable, out of contract and deemed prices (list of competitors and tariffs can be found at Contact for verification. Valid as of 01/04/2021.

    4 Savings based on a 3 year contract. Savings vs 4 most expensive published competitor standard variable, out of contract and deemed prices. Based on our average 13,000 kWh Electricity Estimated Annual Consumption. Based on our average of 35,000 kWh Gas Annual Quantity. Contact for verification.Valid as of 01/04/2021.

    5 Clear Business reserves the right to change its fuel mix at any time.

    6 Based on an annual average consumption of 13,000 kWh, valid as of 01/09/2020. Calculated using and