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Energy Pricing and Quote.

Looking for more information on prices for Clear Business Energy?

To get you the best deal for your Gas and Green Electricity, speak to one of our friendly team. They will get to know your business and find you the fixed price contract that’s best for you, at the best rates.

Call us on 0330 094 5062 or fill in the form on our Switch page and we’ll be in touch.

Below you’ll find our Deemed & Out of Contract rates and our Energy Quote tool.

Remember though – for the best rates give us a call. 

Sign up to Clear Business Energy today:

Fixed prices

Fix your prices for up to 3 years1 to lock in today’s prices tomorrow – and for years to come.

No auto-rollover

We won’t automatically roll you on to a new fixed term contract when the time comes.

Simple pricing structure

There will be no hidden extras when your bill comes with our simple pricing structure.

And… we’re Green!

Our Electricity comes from 100% renewable sources2 – which means it is clean and green.

Deemed & Out of Contract Rates

Energy Quote Tool

Our Energy Quote Tool will give you an idea of how much your Energy from Clear Business could cost. However, we tailor all our quotes so give us a call for a more accurate quote on 0330 094 5062.

The legal stuff.

1 The fixed prices may be varied in limited circumstances as per your terms and conditions, a copy of which is available at:

2 Clear Business reserves the right to change its fuel mix at any time.