Bridal and Prom Boutique

Simplifying card payments for a seamless boutique shopping experience.

"I can definitely recommend Clear Business. The team was brilliant, and I love the touchscreen terminal, it makes such a difference."
Katie Surguy Owner of Bridal and Prom Boutique

Saying 'I do' to modern payments 

In the heart of Hull, Katie Surguy's Bridal and Prom Boutique is a glowing symbol of inclusivity and elegance in the bridal industry.

Inspired by a disheartening experience while shopping for her own wedding dress, Katie took on a mission nearly nine years ago to ensure every bride is made to feel special on her dress-fitting day.

Her boutique now stands as a testament to her commitment. Catering to women of all sizes, it offers a range of Stellar York bridal dresses and elegant prom gowns. All with a personal touch that transforms dress shopping into a special experience.

The challenge

Despite Bridal and Prom Boutique’s success, the evolving retail landscape and customer expectations around seamless transactions presented a challenge.

Katie sought a solution that would enhance operational efficiency while aligning with the boutique's ethos of exceptional customer service.

The solution

Clear Business stepped in with a solution that transformed the boutique's transactional capabilities: a modern card payment terminal. Following an interaction Katie described as a "lovely experience," her new terminal offers the boutique a level of reliability and ease of use, marking a major upgrade in how the boutique manages payments.

The new payment terminal has revolutionised the checkout process for Katie's Bridal and Prom Boutique.

Katie says, "It does so much more than our old terminal, and it works every time.”

This enhancement in payment processing has since streamlined operations, allowing Katie and her team to focus on what they do best: making bridal and prom dreams come true.

Katies' take on our card terminals

Katie is very satisfied with the terminal and Clear Business's service:

"I absolutely would use Clear Business again. The card terminal’s touchscreen has simplified transactions and improved the customer experience, reflecting the boutique's commitment to excellence and inclusivity."

Katie’s advice to other small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is clear: "I can definitely recommend Clear Business. The team was brilliant, and I love the touchscreen terminal; it makes such a difference."

Creating a seamless shopping experience

Katie sees advanced card payment solutions like those from Clear Business playing a key role in her business strategy going forward.

As Bridal and Prom Boutique grows, Katie's partnership with Clear Business will help ensure every transaction is smooth and memorable, just like the dresses they offer.

If you're in the Humberside region and planning your big day, visit Bridal and Prom Boutique for a truly special experience.




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