Enjoying a stress-free way to manage payments from Clear Business.

Right from the start, Clear Business were so easy to work with!
Ali Al-Khazaali Owner of Comfyland

Comfyland finds a stress-free way to manage payments.

Situated just a stone’s throw from the iconic Wembley Stadium, Comfyland is a home décor business established in 2022 by local entrepreneur Ali Al-Khazaali.

Amongst a London home furniture marketplace dominated by national brands and luxury boutiques, Comfyland aims to provide something different. Shoppers can browse a series of living, dining, and sleeping items, from Chesterfield king-size beds to elegant coffee tables – all at affordable prices and with a more personal customer experience.

Such is the business’s commitment to ensuring people can easily acquire premium furniture without breaking the bank; Comfyland even offers free shipping on orders over £300, together with 24/7 customer support options.

The challenge

A year into trading, Ali received a site visit from a Clear Business representative to find out if there were any areas of the business needing support. The timing of the visit couldn’t have been more perfect.

Comfyland’s payment terminal provider at the time had equipped the company with a device that could only deposit payments into the business account on a weekly basis.

For a dynamic retailer like Comfyland, making and receiving large payments multiple times a day, such cash flow disruption prevented the team from operating with the responsiveness they wanted.

Moreover, the monthly tariff for the payment terminal exceeded the preferred budget.

The solution

Having assessed Comfyland's needs and challenges, Clear Business immediately offered Ali a cheaper tariff for a payment solution that would see monies deposited into his business account within 24 hours rather than seven days.

Speaking of his experience with Clear Business, Ali said: “Right from the start, Clear Business were so easy to work with. When I received the terminal, someone even came to the showroom to set it up for me.

Whenever the topic of payments comes up with friends and business associates, I always recommend Clear Business. Their rates are excellent, the devices are easy to use, and it's the quickest way I’ve found to access the money customers pay. We're on an exciting growth journey at Comfyland, and Clear Business is helping us get to where we want to be.”

Ali Al-Khazaali

Owner of Comfyland