Hound & Co. Grooming Boutique

Better payments from Clear Business

If you’re having issues with your own card reader, I couldn’t recommend them enough. The whole process is easy, professional, and convenient.
Sophia Newman-Sanders Owner of Hound & Co

Located on Grove Road in the heart of Norwich, Hound & Co. Grooming Boutique is a luxury pet salon that prides itself on providing the finest pet trims in Norfolk.

Owner Sophia Newman-Sanders established the business in 2017 to turn a lifelong love of animals into a thriving enterprise that would allow her to build her own pooch passionate team.

Today, Hound & Co. offer a wide range of pet treatments, from skin-boosting Nagoya Co2 Hydrotherapy and Emmi-Pet Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning to a Puppy University for nervous pups.

Sophia and her Grooming Assistant, Tilie, are committed to only using the best natural and cruelty-free products on the market as part of a service that includes various pet enrichment treats, such as frozen lick mats and natural chews to reduce stress and create a positive canine experience. 

Despite their success in making the dogs and cats of Norwich among the most dapper in the country, the Hound & Co. team were experiencing difficulties when it came to customer payments.

Persistent internet troubles interfered with the contactless device they were using, which relied on a strong internet connection. In addition to this, cash flow was disrupted by payments that could only be deposited into the business account in weekly batches.

These challenges were compounded with a monthly bill for using the payment terminal that was much higher than Hound & Co. wanted to pay.

Aware of the challenges she was facing, Sophia’s landlord recommended she speak with Clear Business, having recently switched himself and was already enjoying the benefits of improved service and a lower monthly tariff.

On her first communication with Clear Business, Sophia said: “From the outset, the team at Clear Business were great. They immediately recommended I switch to a SIM-based card reader so I wouldn’t be at the mercy of unreliable internet connectivity. The difference that made alone was huge.”

As well as equipping Hound & Co. with a more suitable payment terminal, Clear Business was able to offer a reduced tariff and the ability to process payments on the same day rather than in weekly batches.

“It’s been brilliant,” Sophia said. “Our bills have come down, the SIM-based terminal is so much more reliable, and whenever I’ve needed to contact Clear Business, there’s always someone there to answer my questions. If you’re having issues with your own card reader, I couldn’t recommend them enough. The whole process is easy, professional, and convenient.”

Sophia Newman-Sanders

Owner, Hound & Co