Water and energy from Clear Business

I wish every company was as easy to deal with as Clear Business.
Claire Kilcoyne Office Manager at IDOM

IDOM is an independent firm providing consulting, engineering and architecture services, supporting major construction projects around the world. 

As a large, global company, IDOM has people working across the globe and operates five offices in the UK alone.

Claire Kilcoyne is Office Manager for IDOM in Manchester, with responsibility for some elements of the IDOM office in Stirling. 

Originally, Claire used Clear Business to provide water to the Stirling office, but she was so impressed with the customer service that in addition to water, she moved IDOM’s electricity over to Clear Business for both the Manchester and Stirling offices. 

She said: “It’s been a great service from start to finish. I thought it would make sense to have it all managed in one place, so I moved more services over to Clear Business. 

“Having the bills in one account makes my life so much easier. I can log in to a single account, check the one bill, save it to our accounting system and i’m done.”

Having used a major electricity provider for the last five years, Claire found that she couldn’t link two accounts together for the Manchester and the Stirling offices. No matter how much she tried, she had to have two completely separate accounts, doubling her workload. 

She told us: “My previous provider was a nightmare when it came to managing multiple sites. With Clear Business it’s so easy to work out and you have everything at your fingertips. It saves me so many stressful hours. Plus, it’s cheaper than the old provider as well.

 “Anyone considering moving to Clear Business should go ahead and do it, especially if you have multiple sites. The customer service and the invoicing process is top notch. Far better than other companies I’ve worked with in the past.

“I wish every company was as easy to deal with as Clear Business.”

Claire Kilcoyne,
Office Manager at IDOM