Indalo Hair and Beauty

How our business broadband and water services make a difference in the hair and beauty industry.

"Clear communication and seamless setup for my essential services made all the difference during our launch phase."
Shelley Houliston Owner of Indalo Hair and Beauty

From renting a chair to launching Indalo Hair and Beauty 

Shelley Houliston is the passionate owner behind Edinburgh's vibrant Indalo Hair and Beauty salon. With 21 years of industry experience, Shelley's journey from renting a chair in a hairdresser’s to launching her own salon in February 2024 is a testament to her dedication and expertise. 

Named after the Indalo mana symbol of protection and luck from Almeria, SpainIndalo Hair and Beauty reflects Shelley's love for Mojácar and her family's roots. Just like the Indalo man, Shelley strives to create a welcoming and protective space for her clients.  

The essential services that kickstarted Shelley’s business journey 

When it comes to reliability, Shelley rates Clear Business’s business broadband and water services highly, commending our team's support during her startup phase. 

Shelley said that “Clear communication and seamless setup for my essential services made all the difference during our launch phase.” 

Staying ahead of trends in the hair & beauty industry  

Keeping up withand staying ahead oftrends is vital for salon owners like Shelley. Understanding emerging preferences (like the resurgence of fringes and the trend towards low-maintenance, natural hair tones) ensures Shelley’s salon remains competitive and customer-focused.  

Attending hair shows, leveraging social media, and maintaining her membership with the national hair and beauty foundation provide Shelley with valuable insights to enhance her salon's offerings and customer experience. 

Stress management tips for salon owners 

Managing stress is crucial for business owners like Shelley, as the demands of running a business can quickly become overwhelming. By taking proactive steps to maintain a positive wellbeing, salon owners not only benefit personally but also foster a positive work environment for their team.  

Shelley has shared her top tip with us on how she manages stress as a busy small business owner: 

“I find comfort outdoors through walks, especially after long days in the salon. One tip I would suggest to salon owners is to prioritise self-care and embrace the outdoors to rejuvenate.”  

Connect with Indalo Hair and Beauty 

Stay connected with Indalo Hair and Beauty for updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and more on Facebook and Instagram. 




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