Penny Bridge Nursery

Energy from Clear Business

How would I rate Clear Business? 10/10
Caroline Huntington Director of Penny Bridge Nursery

Set in the little village of Penny Bridge, on the outskirts of Ulverston, Penny Bridge Nursery is a privately run, non-profit making nursery and Out of School club. Home to 11 staff and 38 children, they rely on their gas to keep them warm and able to work on their baking skills!

After receiving the renewal offer from their previous gas supplier, Director Caroline Huntington decided to take a look at other options. ‘It was an easy decision to switch to Clear Business. They were able to beat the price offered by my current supplier with their Renewal Promise and we’ve made considerable savings!’

 Since switching in early 2018, it has all been smooth sailing for Caroline and the nursery. By regularly accessing the unique Customer Zone, she is in control of her billing. ‘It’s all very easy, I simply provide monthly gas meter readings through the online Customer Zone and receive accurate e-bills the same way. It’s a really convenient way to manage billing and the portal is very user friendly,’ she adds.

 Overall, Penny Bridge Nursery are pleased they made the switch. ‘I’d describe the company as clear, concise and efficient and would definitely recommend them. How would I rate Clear Business? 10/10 – I’m perfectly happy.’