Defend your business from telecoms fraud

Telecoms fraud is on the rise. With an estimated annual cost of almost £1bn to UK businesses  (First Come Europe 2023) it goes to show how potentially damaging it can be. 

What is telecoms fraud? 

Organised criminals target business phone lines, making extremely high volumes of unsolicited calls. This often results in significant charges being accumulated in just a few hours. Attacks on unmonitored lines can go unnoticed. That is until charges are invoiced, and with convictions few and far between, the customer is typically left liable to pay the bill. 

Be aware of fraudulent calls 

Your account security is our priority. We constantly monitor the network to safeguard our customers. However, if suspicious account activity is detected and we think that your account may be compromised or at risk, we’ll act to secure it immediately. 

What do you do if you get a call you’re unsure of? Well, here are some handy hints and tips you can take if you’re hesitant about the caller: 

  • Always be suspicious of unsolicited calls relating to a security/system problem. Even if they claim to represent a respected company.

  • Ask security questions about your account before continuing the call. If the caller can’t answer, they are not legitimate.

  • Never give out personal information such as your credit or debit card details to an unsolicited caller. 

  • Never agree to sign up for a product or service. Under no circumstances allow the caller to take control of your computer system. This allows them to gain access to your personal files and harvest information. 

  • Don’t install software if you’re asked to by someone who calls out of the blue. 

  • If you use a public or shared computer, be security conscious. Remember, each time you exit your account it is imperative you click the sign out link at the top of the page, not just close the window.

Protect your business 

We’re here to give small businesses the essential services they need. You work hard on your business so let us keep it safe. 

Early detection is key, reduce the risk with Fraud Defender:

  • Monitors your business lines 24/7/365 days a year.

  • Detects unusual call activity on your lines.

  • Alerts us so that we can investigate. 

  • Suspends service if necessary preventing further fraud taking place. 

  • Reduces the risk of financial damage. 

  • Just £3.32 per month per account. 

  • Free trial for all customers.

Start defending your business now! You will find Fraud Defender under Telecoms in the services section of Customer Zone. 

If you suspect you’ve been a victim of a phone scam or are concerned that your account has been compromised, please contact us as soon as possible.

Call us on 0333 014 3131 or use our Live Chat service. Remember to report any fraudulent activity to the police.