Scotland Water Complaints Procedure.

Your water and/or waste services, including drainage services, are supplied by Clear Business Water Limited, a licensed provider of water and waste services. Its licence is granted by the Water Industry Commission for Scotland. Clear Business Water Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Verastar Limited, which bills customers for services provided by Clear Business Water Limited. Clear Business is a trading name of Verastar Limited.

If you have experienced an issue with your water supply in Scotland and would like to register a complaint, please follow the steps below. For issues with your water supply in England please click here.

We will always try and do everything we can to ensure that you are completely satisfied, but we understand that problems can sometimes arise. To ensure your complaint is resolved quickly and to your satisfaction, we have put together the following complaints procedure.

The best way to get a complaint resolved quickly is to call us on 0333 014 3131 to speak to our Customer Service advisors. If you can’t call us, you can email us at or write to the Customer Services Team, Clear Business, No. 1 Dovevote, Old Hall Road, Sale, M33 2GS.



Our Customer Service Advisors have been empowered to resolve complaints on the first call whenever they can. If you have written to us, we may need to contact you by phone to obtain more information before we can investigate your complaint. We may need to speak to a third party, such as a wholesaler, before we can resolve your complaint, but we’ll keep you updated on our progress if we need to do this. If our Customer Services Team can’t resolve your complaint, it will be passed to our Customer Resolution Team.


The Customer Resolution Team will acknowledge your complaint before conducting a full review and completing further investigations if needed. They’ll get back to you either on the phone or in writing.


If you’re still unhappy after we’ve completed our review and investigation, you can ask the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) to look at your complaint. The SPSO is the final stage for complaints about public services in Scotland. The SPSO cannot normally look at complaints:

  • where you have not exhausted our complaints procedure; or
  • if more than 12 months has passed since you became aware of the matter about which you want to complain; or
  • that have been or are being considered in court.

By Post: Freepost SPSO (you don’t need to use a stamp)

Freephone: 0800 377 7330