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The same water for your small business. Just at a lower price.

Florist gets great business water rates with Clear Business water

Want to save time and money on your business water?

With business water services from Clear Business1 we’ll do all the hard work for you. It’s the same water and wastewater services using the same pipes but at a lower price. 

Over 55,000 Scottish small businesses have switched to us since 20132.

We already supply water to more than 25% of the Scottish business market3

We have saved businesses over £37 million compared to default rates4

We offer commercial water savings to small business customers in England.  

No time to compare water suppliers?

  • On average, we save Scottish small businesses £164 every year on their water bill!5 

  • We guarantee our prices. Someone else offered you a better business water deal?  We'll match it or you can leave for free6 

  • You’ll have no disruption to service and we don't charge a fee to switch to us.

Small business owner saves money on business water rates with Clear Business water

Services simplified

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Easy switching to keep your business flowing. We’ll take care of the essential services; you take care of business.   

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