What is a gap site?

A gap site is a non-domestic premises that is connected to the Scottish Water network with water, wastewater or drainage services and is yet to be registered. This means that although it’s connected to the water and sewerage system the site has never been billed by a licensed provider, as there are no records held for the property.

Gap sites commonly fall into the following categories:

  1. A new property that did not make it onto the register (water market data) for services.
  2. A room or floor within a building or business centre.
  3. A supply that has been connected to the water network without notification to Scottish Water.


What to do if you have been identified as a gap site?

Scottish Water is in the process of updating the water network and is discovering sites across Scotland that are not listed on its database. Cross referencing Scottish Assessor Association data with non-domestic premises market data, gap sites are identified and notified of their gap site status by Scottish Water. The occupant will then be charged for the water services used from the date the premises was identified as a gap site.


What options are available?

Once notified, the occupant must choose a licensed water provider within 15 working days. If no provider is selected within that time frame, you will be allocated to one of four providers by Scottish Water of which Clear Business is one.


What to do if I have been allocated to Clear Business water?

Congratulations! We’re confident that you will be very happy with us. Once your site has been allocated to us, you will be entered on to our system and placed on the default tariff. From here, we are then able to offer you our excellent contracted rates if you would like to take a contract with us.