Renewable energy has been a popular topic throughout 2018, with an ever-increasing awareness around sustainability putting alternative energy sources in the spotlight.

As a result of this, in September Clear Business made the decision to switch to green electricity from 100% renewable sources*.  As part of our commitment to sustainability and protection of the environment, all customers are now powered by green electricity at no extra cost to their usual tariff.

Over the last year, news stories have varied from positive messages about capacity and mass switching to renewable energy to negative stances that new investment is dwindling. However, the overarching theme is that renewable energy is on the rise in both capacity and demand – and the numbers speak for themselves.

The government department BEIS (Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) publishes data on renewables each quarter in their Energy Trends report, and as 2018 comes to a close we’ve put together an infographic series to show the key renewables stats from the year so far.

In Q1, renewable electricity generation was a record 27.9 TWh which was an increase of 10.2% on the same period a year earlier. Likely to be thanks to the adverse weather conditions brought to us by ‘Beast from the East’, onshore wind increased by 28% and offshore wind increased by a huge 58%. In total, wind generation increased by 38% due to high wind speeds and capacity. On the other hand, this caused solar generation to decrease! All in all, a positive quarter for renewables.

Look out for the next in this infographic series coming soon…

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*Clear Business reserves the right to change its fuel mix at any time